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Paddle Blanks

Paddle blanks are made of high quality lumber glued up to minimize waste and to minimize the carving you need to do to arrive at a finished paddle.

Paddle blanks are available for

  • Aleut paddle - The same blank can be used for grooved or ridged paddles
  • Straight Greenaland paddle - specify shouldered or unshouldered.
  • Bent shaft Greenland paddle - specify shouldered or unshouldered.

Paddle blanks can be ordered in two flavors.

  • Custom - You specify blade length and loom length and paddle type. Maximum length 92"."
  • Generic - You specify paddle type and we provide you with a blank that is of the following size:
    • Greenland - 88" overall, loom 22 inches.
    • Aleut - 92" overall, loom, 22 inches.

Paddle blanks are $160. Shipping is $50

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